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6 Traffic-Exploding Roadmaps And Over 100 HRS Of 'Weird' Strategies

These 6 Traffic-Exploding Roadmaps are the "weird" strategies that I PERSONALLY use to create INSANE results for other operators!

Map 1 - The essentials

Optimizing your website and making sure that everything Google requires is present. This is very important.

Map 2 - Building Authority

I set up my authority system so that your website is recognized by Google as an authority in the industry thus favoring you.

Map 3 - Content Creation

We'll start creating content to target all your service areas, and making sure that you're seen an expert in your industry.

Map 4 - Press Releases!

We get in touch with our contacts to get your website on local news websites which builds authority and relevance.

Module 5 - Custom Code!

We insert what is called "Custom Schema" in your website, allowing Google to read what we need it to read about your page. Building topical relevance.

Module 6 - GBP optimization

Ranking your Google business profile by using techniques such as proximity manipulation. This works rather quick and is effective.

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How to budget your ads


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Daniel Tovar - Operator

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does SEO usually take? - The answer to this question is rather tricky as every business has different parameters to take into account, and as google takes up to 1420 factors into account... It'll be rather difficult to answer it. A good estimate is up to 90 days to actually see results. Of course, It's only uphill from there. 
Why does SEO take so long? - As I mentioned above... Google has a lot of factors they take into account, and in most cases even when we fulfill these factors and we meet Google's standard, we don't really have a say in whether they'll visit your site or not, and whether they'll use that visit to place you higher. Indexation is a long process, and can take quite a bit. This is also the reason why a lot of newer businesses struggle.
Why is SEO so expensive? - In Itself SEO is rather cheap, especially if you compare it to Google ads and Facebook ads. The difference is that SEO takes a while to kick in. Now, the SEO (him or herself) needs a budget to get content written and backlinks built. This all costs quite a bit, but will get you the results that you need. However if we'd compare on a 12 month basis. You'll quickly find out that SEO in itself is far more scalable and affordable. It's just that without proper tracking, it's difficult to tell where the traffic is coming from which in itself infuriates most operators as they're not always familiar with SEO.  On top of that It is a slower marketing channel, as It is an organic marketing channel and takes time to built up which often gives the idea that it is far more expensive than channels like Google ads and Facebook ads. The main difference is when using pay per click channels you save time by paying money. With SEO, you technically do the opposite. It's an initially time intensive investment.
What is SEO and how does it work?-  SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and It basically says It itself. It is the practice of optimizing your website for Google so that THEY know who you are trying to target, and whether you are relevant for a certain search term. Now, how does it work? The simplified version: Google visits your website and looks for certain terms, to see who you are trying to target. On top of that It takes other things into account such as your loading speed. Do you have all the policies? Are you an expert in your field (Do you have content that explains stuff. Informative content for example), are you an authority in your industry (Are other websites linking towards your website, and are there other signals on the web that confirm this). An SEO's task is to make sure your website checks every checkmark!
I can just pay Google ads to appear first? - For sure you can, and you should! The only problem is that in the past 3 years? Google ads have become 238% MORE EXPENSIVE! This doesn't mean that you should NEGLECT Google ads, but rather use them together! You can bid on terms where you aren't performing well SEO wise, or even bid on your competitors brand name. A good marketeer / business owner / operator, diversifies their marketing channels so that they don't become liable and dependant on just one marketing channel in it's own. 
What if the 90 days are over? - I'll provide you with a plan that I think would be the right course of action, and we could either sign up for more... Or we could end our cooperation, and while I am 100% confident in the fact that we will work together for a long time due to my results... If you'd end our cooperation, I'll still monitor your SEO completely for free to make sure you'll remain on top!

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