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The Exact Approach I used to book over $13M USD In Rentals for my Clients in Less than a 1-Year Window!

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Who Is Brent Jacobs? & Why Should You Care?

Brent Jacobs has been helping Small Business Owners for over a year now establishing himself and being recognized as an expert on Google Ads and SEO.

His accomplishments speak for themselves. In just a 3 year window he...

  • Sold over $13 million through Google Ads...
  • Helped over 132 Businesses Get their First $50K a Month…
  • And scaled his business to multi-millions of dollars a year selling just Google Ads!

And now, you can access his TOP-SECRET Google Ads Campaigns - the EXACT systems and formulas he’s using to run his own Google Ads- for a ridiculously low price. If you have a small business (Or you want to start one) and need an immediate flow of customers? Keep reading...

Working with Brent & iRents comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. 

Some of the Brands We Work With!

I’ve Invested Over $1 MILLION In Paid
Advertising To Perfect This Google AdsFramework…

Struggling to Succeed with Google Ads? Uncover the Critical Mistakes Holding You Back!

Stop missing out on potential bookings. Discover the mistakes that are costing you and learn how to dominate your local market. Exclusive to one business per area—claim your spot now!

In the fast-paced digital world, party rental businesses are grappling with fierce competition, ever-evolving algorithms, and a sea of ads vying for attention. It’s a tough game, and many find themselves pouring money into online ads with minimal returns, leading to growing frustration and shrinking budgets.

But here’s the game changer...

We are iRents, and we’re not just another advertising agency—we are your unwavering ally in the journey to success. With our deep-rooted knowledge of the party rental industry, we’ve honed a Google Ads strategy that directly connects with your target audience, slices through the clutter, and drives real, measurable results. Our unique, exclusive approach means we partner with just ONE party rental business in each area, ensuring you gain the upper hand in your local market. With us, you get more than just ads; you receive a customized blueprint designed to elevate your business and establish your dominance in the local market.

After pouring millions into the advertising black hole, we were on a mission—a mission to crack the elusive code of online advertising. We were relentless, we were determined, and we were not going to settle for mediocre results. 

Through countless trials, an avalanche of errors, and an unwavering commitment to mastery, we did it. We cracked the code. We transformed our ad spend into a predictable, profit-generating machine, consistently keeping our cost per conversion under the golden $30 mark. 

This isn’t just a number for us; it’s a badge of honor, a testament to our blood, sweat, and tears. It’s proof that when you combine data-driven strategies with a never-say-die attitude, magic happens. 

And now, we’re here to bring that magic to you. We’re here to turn your ad spend into your biggest asset, not an expense. Welcome to a world where every dollar you spend works tirelessly in your favor, bringing you closer to dominating your market and leaving your competition in the dust.

Transform Your Party Rental Biz: Unleash Profit, Dominate the Market, and Outshine the Competition!

Seize the Opportunity: Elevate Your Operations and Propel Your Business to Unprecedented Heights!

Dive into the Grand Slam Google Ads Strategy – where clicks transform into bookings. Our laser-focused targeting and optimization are your ticket to becoming the top choice for potential clients.


Brent was amazing. great communication, knows what he is doing and let's you know what he did.


Great work. Did some work for a project we were working on. Extremely happy. Recommended to other friends.

Alejandro Magallanes

Really happy with all the help and advice I have received.

Lauren McCarthy

Brent is very knowledgeable and genuinely helpful. I am so thankful for his services. He has helped my business thrive.

Emily smith

Before AND After Working with us!

The Jaw-Dropping Metamorphosis: Before & After Our Expert Touch!

Some of OUR Results

These are ACTUAL Results of our customers (We have Permission to post these) after they signed on with Us!

What makes iRents.Co DIFFERENT from Other Providers?

At iRents.Co, we offer not only a 90 day money back guarantee, but our results also outclass other competitors, and here is why:

Our Competitors

No Reports
No Explanation
Multiple Clients Per Service Area
Set & Forget

At iRents.Co

Weekly Reports
Explainer Video's 
1 Client Per Service Area
Proof Of Work & Results!

What working with Us Looks Like:



Having a Strategy Call

What items in your inventory would you like to focus on more, what budget is available and what is the Service AREA we have to put our focus on



Analyzing your Data & Forming a Plan

We require standard level access to your Google ads account, and we provide an onboarding form which puts you right in our system, locking in your Service area. WE DO NOT WORK WITH 2 OR MORE IN THE SAME AREA!



Making & Optimizing the Campaigns

We update quite often to keep you in the loop and provide tutorials and video guides to explain what It is we are showing you. This way you'll always be in the loop, and understand what is presented.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Money Back Guarantee Work? - It's Simple... If you don't get results within 90 days? You don't pay. We take our work very serious, and are certain that through our analysis we can book results. If we can't? It's only fair that you don't pay. So, at iRents? You are technically paying for your results...
How Long does it take to get results? - We make your campaign the same day you jump onboard with us. After google reviews your ad and runs it through their policy check, It can take between 1 to 3 days till you get your first conversion depending on your budget.
Do I keep the ads if I quit working with iRents? - Yes. You pay for the Google ads, so, they're rightfully yours. We optimize them and make sure they run correctly, but in the end they're all yours and we don't touch them from the moment you hop off.
What if my Competitor wants to work with you?-  We don't take more than one business per service area. This counts for all the service areas the business of the person who signed on is targeting. It's unethical for us to take on more people as we focus on getting our clients the best results possible, which is an impossible task if we are bidding against ourselves.
Do I pay per campaign or ad? - Neither. From the moment you hire us, we focus on getting you results. You don't pay per campaign and not per ad either. You pay for our time, which means that we will create as many campaigns and ads you require!
How can I transition from another Google ads provider to you? - We guide you along the way and provide video's on how to give us access. We take the existing data into account to help us in order to create an even better ad and thus better results for you!

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