iRents & Our Mission

iRents, unlike most of our competitors, is NOT run by an operator. I have been running marketing agencies my whole life, and while I briefly... to my unbeknownst worked for a party rental company...

...I Have never owned one!

No, iRents started when one of my clients was about to start a bounce house business, and asked for my help to get it done.

After a while he had quite the reputation, and my results where phenomenal which lead me to take on more clients, and thus start iRents.

Brent Jacobs

Owner & Founder of iRents & Serial Entrepeneur

About me

I've been in business for nearily a decade but my results have been astronomical, if I may say so. From appearing on multiple podcasts to speaking on conferences. 

I am here... to level up the marketing in the party rental industry.

Some of the Podcasts Brent appeared on