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    Before I go too in depth, It may be a good idea to introduce myself properly. I am Brent Jacobs, I am the owner of iRents.Co, but I haven’t always been doing SEO for the party rental industry.

    While you might know me from some party rental groups, It wasn’t always the case. In reality, I am more well known for my performance in the international market, and my success in the Legal industry.

    By performing at a hundered and ten percent in the legal industry which is far more competitive than the party rental industry, I was able to put together sustainable marketing strategies that are ALMOST guaranteed to bring results…

    …If the right circumstances are met!

    Now, I understand that… when you begin your party rental company… Your budget might be tight… so, that is why I decided to give away a STEP BY STEP guide on how to get started.

    Picking your Platform (For your website!)

    If you don’t know by now, and you might not… There are three well known platforms in this industry: ERS (Event Rental Systems), BCN(Bouncy Castle Network), IO(Inflatable Office), each having a unique approach in providing a usefull service to you.

    Though, knowing which to pick can be tricky, and eventually costly to switch, as well as quite frustrating.

    See, while technology based I’d say they’re good competitors… It also depends on how tech savvy you are. For example, I personally… would go with IO, why? Because I am quite proficient with technology, and I love how they tie into wordpress using elementor. That said, I might also consider ERS, as their technology stack Isn’t neccesarily worse… It’s moreso that I am a wordpress fan.

    Then there is BCN, and by mentioning them last I do absolutely NOT mean any disrespect. Aftab, one of the owners, is an absolute champ! I would say BCN actually kicks ass as well! I just think that they’re also a good fit for people who aren’t that tech savvy. It’s easy to set up, quite fast as well and they use quite an easy to use GUI.

    At this point… You can tell… Right? It is a difficult choice.

    Inflatable Office

    When we take a closer look at inflatable office we see that they are using wordpress and have a partnership with siteground. Siteground is one of the better hostings to use when building websites due to their speed, security… support as well as rules. Allthough, I’ll mention why that is important in a bit! Though, by using wordpress… and allowing an elementor implementation… It makes building websites a lot easier, for someone with who is knowledgable with technology that is.

    They also use RankMath, which makes optimising your website for SEO a tad easier, allthough… That is not necessarily a good argument as literaly every provider has their own insanely usefull functions that make up for the lack of rankmath usage…

    ….Though with RankMath they are able to implement Schema, which is code that tells Google what kind of Datatype your page is. Google can read and understand text, but it cannot necessarily tell whether it is a blog post… ecommerce or a landing page. Schema helps with this!

    Other than that, they allow speed plugins which make your website faster!

    Event Rental Systems

    Just because I mention ERS second doesn’t mean I think less off them. Not at all, I think they’re a great platform. They have great support, and they are quite responsive when reaching out.

    That said, to build a decent website on it… Might be a bit tricky as you either need to use a website builder that I’d say is a bit similar to wordpress, or know your way around html.

    Now, while I know my way around HTML, you’ll also need to familiarize yourself with responsive websites, and how to make things look responsive.

    Sounds quite negative, doesn’t it? Well… ERS fixxed this problem by putting together AMAZING templates they deploy in literaly a few minutes! They make “SEO” quite applicable and have their own features for making up for not having rankmath.

    They also have a wordpress intergration, which is also quite nice!

    Bouncy Castle Network

    Don’t be mistaken… Just because I mention BCN last, doesn’t mean I think less of them. They’re actually quite great and lightweight. Their platform is rather quick due to the way their templates are set up.

    They allow a trial, and support SEO quite well. Not just SEO, they support Marketing in general quite well and also have a WordPress intergration appearantly.

    I think one of the best things about BCN is not necessarily their great customer support as literaly every provider rocks at that… But, one of the owners itself owns a SEO agency thus tweaks the platform based on what he knows is necessary.

    BCN is rather young in the US industry and are constantly growing which makes me excited to look out for their growth.

    What platform should I go with?:

    Well, luckily for you… I think most platforms offer a FREE trial, and you should really test them out for yourself. The reason why is simple… You need to figure out what kind of backend fits your company needs in the best manner.

    On a technology point of view though… If you are a beginner, I would go with BCN, now… I do not want to limit them to beginners, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that they set up quite quickly. IO and ERS also offer templates, though many might find wordpress or ERS’s backend quite intimidating if they have little to no tech skills.

    Though, not that you need to be an IT expert to get used to them… AT ALL! Like the absolute minimum would be great, and they both have amazing customer support as well… that is always willing to help you out.

    They also have their own groups! RentalPro’s is IO, ERS Users Group is ERS, BCN Insider Tips is BCN, allthough most actually require you to be a user, though it might be nice to gather some intell.

    If you are a bit more tech savvy and like to develop really cool custom sites that you can tweak as much as you want, both ERS and IO are good options in general. From there on forward I’d really look into the actual backend and whether it suits your company needs.


    Is your website set up? Good… Now, set up your Google Business Profile, use our Guide, if you don’t know how to! https://irents.co/google-my-business-complete-guide/.

    When setting up your website and Google business profile It is extremely important to use your NAP’s consistently (Name, Adress, Phone Number). Google uses this to gauge your relevancy as well as your legitimacy and so on… Basically, the E-A-T principle (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

    Sources: https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/guidelines.raterhub.com/en//searchqualityevaluatorguidelines.pdf?fbclid=IwAR3ekcY6gshYouYP-QgUZg-3LrW77EOO9Fru2i0ZQgp5A7uA773ZFsFMM-A https://www.google.com/search/howsearchworks/mission/users/?fbclid=IwAR3ekcY6gshYouYP-QgUZg-3LrW77EOO9Fru2i0ZQgp5A7uA773ZFsFMM-A

    After you set that up correctly, you want to set up your Facebook Page and your facebook pixel. While It is quite simple, you can use one of the SOP’s I use for one of my ad agencies.

    If it still doesn’t help you, It’s best to contact your platform’s support. They’re all quite proficient with it! The reason you need to do this though, is not because you’ll have to start with facebook ads right off the bat. You don’t.

    In fact, facebook ads requires more testing than Google adwords in my opinion as you’d be using a interest based approach to targetting, and not a keyword based approach which makes It easier to know what you get for your money with Google ads.

    Don’t get me wrong, if you find a winning adset with facebook ads, you’ll absolutely bank… BIG. Though, It’ll require quite an investment to even find that Data, and It would be better to begin with Google ads.

    Because the facebook pixel, if set up correctly… will track conversions on your website, and after hundered tracked conversions you are able to put together a lookalike audience, making it easier for you to run ads.

    See, you’ll no longer have to do as intensive testing as you would have, and you wouldn’t even notice the data gathering as in the meanwhile you’d be making money with Google ads and doing your thing.

    After a few rentals you return back, and can start banking through two marketing channels!

    Setting up a lead magnet!

    Now, while you have your data tracking set up, and you’ll be able to retarget through that pretty soon… We also need to set up a lead magnet. This is basically an incentive for people to leave their information with you so that you can remarket them.

    While I’d recommend going with EventHawk or Bouncebot, as they both have quite amazing systems.

    If you don’t really have the budget to afford them (THEY WOULD LITERALY BE THE FIRST THING TO BUY ON YOUR LIST MARKETING WISE!), you could go with mailchimp.

    It’s relatively easy to set up, allthough… You’ll need like an email sequence to set up.

    Giving a discount, or some form of incentive when they drop their information as well as giving them the ability to drop their information, Is an absolute must because most conversions don’t happen on the first visit!

    Pop ups look quite annoying in the beginning, I get that… But, they’re absolutely GOLDEN!

    Start SEO and get your website going!

    By now, you should have a way of tracking data for future retargetting, you should have some calls coming in through your Google Business Profile and a lead magnet set up with a remarketing sequence… You also need visitors on your ACTUAL website!

    One of the best things to set up FIRST is your SEO, if you want to learn more in DEPTH stuff about SEO, check out a book I once wrote:

    SEO is quite an amazing marketing channel, and I love it due to the complexity of it. I love solving problems and mysteries as well as data analysis… So, that is why I am a big fan of it.

    Though, in reality… SEO is rather EASY to BEGIN with… It only gets difficult if you want to perform at a higher level, allthough my book will teach you a great deal!

    Once you have optimised your website according to my book? You’ll need landing pages, which you’ll be able to find more info on in the video below!

    Though Ironically I didn’t optimise this post for SEO whatsoever…

    …The reason you need to BEGIN with SEO is because it is rather a slow marketing channel. You need to build authority, trustworthiness… Google knows nothing about you yet. It takes a bit for them to familiarize themselves with you. Thus, it’s better to set it all up… and be consistent so that you can bank… not now, but approximately 3 months later.

    That said, I am well known for my ability to create results in a short time span which astounds me as much as others as SEO is usually quite a long term strategy!

    Start with Facebook Marketplace and Social media marketing!

    Facebook marketplace is perhaps one of the quickest, yet… FREE, ways to get rentals going! Sure, they won’t be your IDEAL customer (most of the time) but they will help with generating budget for Google ads and other marketing endavours.

    In the meanwhile, you should be posting on your social media consistently. Join facebook groups and promote consistently, this way you will build out your brand and thus build a tribe!

    It might be demotivating to start with little to no followers, and I wouldn’t necessarily request Friends to like your page unless they are the type of people you’d like to target.

    Sounds like weird advice, doesn’t it?

    I have been doing in depth research about social media marketing and actually found out that requesting friends that aren’t necessarily your ideal customers, nor relevant to your ideal audience… Won’t benefit you algorithm wise.

    Don’t just do facebook though! Get everything out there… Start a Youtube Channel, Tiktok, Instagram! Be creative!

    Now, start with Google ads… and Bank!

    Right now, you should have quite the marketing channel set up… a nice structure that provides social proof, remarketing… free ways of acquiring customers… and a long term marketing strategy that’ll get you rental gigs… PASSIVELY… eventually!

    What you now want to do… Is to start running Google ads! Now, if you don’t have the budget to hire people like Tariq (EventHawk) or Joe Parker (Eventhawk) or Richard Clark… You can always learn it yourself.

    It Isn’t necessarily hard to learn… though might be quite intimidating when you are just starting out!

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